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Health Literacy

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Norfolk State University Holds First Annual Student Health Literacy Symposium

Explore insights from Norfolk State University's inaugural Student Health Literacy Symposium. Led by experts from NSU, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Bon Secours Health, the event delved into health disparities in communities of color. Learn how Healthier757 and the Rewards for Healthy Living platform improve health literacy and wellness.

Win-Win: How Healthcare Gamification Helps Companies and Employees

Playing to learn is one path toward improved health literacy — and lower healthcare costs.

What Experts Say About Improving Health Literacy: What Works & Why

Watch the video and read the highlights.

Healthcare Inequality: Why Everyone Should Care

Higher Health Literacy Leads to Healthier Cities

EdLogics and Global Action Platform Partner to Pilot "Empower Community Health"

Improve Health Literacy Where You Work: 4 Helpful Resources

If you’re an employer, you already know the high costs of providing healthcare benefits.

The Social-Validation Feedback Loop

What if we applied the same engagement strategies used in social media to health education?