EdLogics and Global Action Platform recently hosted a conference focused on the economic benefits of improving health literacy in communities.

The event, held November 5 in Norfolk, Virginia, highlighted the specific needs and benefits to the Hampton Roads and Nashville areas.

EdLogics Founder and CEO Thomas M. Chamberlain, PharmD, opened the event by sharing the economic impact of low health literacy.

“Low health literacy is a multibillion-dollar problem,” he said. “Patients with low health literacy are more likely to visit an emergency room, less likely to follow a doctor’s instructions, and have higher mortality rates.”

Patients with low health literacy are more likely to visit an emergency room, less likely to follow a doctor’s instructions, and have higher mortality rates.

Low Health Literacy by the Numbers:

  • Patients forget up to 80% of what their doctor told them before they reach the parking lot.
  • Close to 40% of Americans suffer from one or more chronic conditions, accounting for over 85% of the total US health costs.
  • Over 90 million Americans are at risk for preventable health issues because they have difficulty understanding health information.
  • On average, healthcare costs for a low literacy patient are $8,000 higher per year.
  • One in three Americans can’t follow the instructions on a drug label.

To address this crisis, Global Action Platform and EdLogics are creating Empower Community Health, an initiative utilizing technology to improve health literacy. This platform, through which communities can connect health and prosperity, will in turn create a competitive economic advantage for their regions in the ongoing competition for investments, talent and markets.

The goal is simple: To increase both the health and prosperity of communities.

The EdLogics Platform will serve as the technological backbone of Empower Community Health. The Platform features:

  • Game-based learning
  • Rewards for progress
  • Rich, user-friendly content covering a broad range of health topics, from chronic conditions to preventive health to navigating the healthcare system

“The Platform is proven, easy-to-use, and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices, making it readily accessible to anyone with access to the internet,” added presenter James Spore, President and CEO of Reinvent Hampton Roads.

Through Empower Community Health, the EdLogics Platform will be available to the citizens of Hampton Roads and Nashville, including underserved populations, the public school system,  and university students. EdLogics and Global Action Platform will work with schools, libraries, community health clinics, churches, YMCAs and other civic organizations to provide access.

The comprehensive community implementation has many innovative and important features, including:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Multi-sector/community implementation
  • National expert review

At the community level, Global Action Platform will provide regional program managers to work with sponsors, community organizations, and other stakeholders to leverage local resources, networks, and existing programs to drive awareness. Local universities will serve as strategic outreach partners and provide academic research expertise.

A version of this article was originally published 11/29/2018.

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Jan 17, 2024
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