Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

EdLogics is an equal opportunity employer committed to improving the health literacy of its platform users — regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

As part of that commitment, we take great care in following the steps below to ensure that our platform maintains the highest standards to achieve equity and inclusion for our clients, employees, platform users, and stakeholders.

Original Content

  1. Our writers and editors use various references, including The Diversity Style Guide and the AP Stylebook, to ensure that our language is appropriate and inclusive.
  2. Prior to publication, our clinical team rigorously reviews all copy to make sure it is factually accurate as well as inclusive.
  3. As part of their annual medical review process, our clinicians also check existing copy and images for both accuracy and diversity.
  4. Our creative team ensures that all new imagery — including GIFs, videos, stock photos, and illustrations — reflects a diverse audience. They also systematically review our existing imagery for diversity in both race and gender.

Licensed Content

Our licensed content vendors also strive to conform to the highest standards for diversity and inclusion. We regularly check with them for updates to their editorial policies.

Contact Us

We value your feedback. Please email us at info@edlogics.com with any questions or concerns.