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Ben Britz

Start. Quit. Start. Quit. Start. Quit!

Turn That Frown Upside-Down

Discover practical tips to manage bad moods effectively. Explore the influence of sleep, diet, exercise, and self-care on emotional well-being. Learn to cultivate perspective and daily practices for maintaining a positive mindset. Get resources for stress management and emotional resilience. Take control of your mood and improve your overall outlook.

Valentine's Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day can be tough when you’re single. It can make anyone feel left out and lonely. Why not use this February to nurture the relationships in your life that you care most about? That includes the one you have with yourself! Here are some tips to help you beat the blues and enjoy the day, with a friend or on your own.

What Experts Say About Improving Health Literacy: What Works & Why

Watch the video and read the highlights.

Healthcare Inequality: Why Everyone Should Care

7 Big Reasons to Check Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called the Silent Killer, has very few symptoms that you can see or feel. But the health problems it causes are very real.

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

Experts weigh in on why patients don't always get the right care – and what we can do about it

AJPM Article of the Year, by One of Our Own

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine honors EdLogics advisor Dr. Brian Primack for his article on social media & loneliness.