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HOT TOPIC: Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media

In a lot of ways, the internet is still the Wild West — especially when it comes to kids. Let’s face it: kids (and to be honest, a whole lot of adults) don’t know much about skills you need to stay safe on social media, like using self-control, moderating emotions, measuring risk, and others. Online predators, cyberbullying, scams, hate groups ... all these things (and more) can hurt your child mentally, emotionally, and in some cases, even physically. Learn what you can do to protect your child.

LEARN: 5 Fast Facts About Colon Cancer, PLUS a Colon Cancer Quiz

Colorectal cancer is killing more young adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s than ever, and the diagnosis rates are rising. In fact, colorectal cancer is now the #1 leading cause of cancer death in men under 50, and the second leading cause in women in the same age group, according to a 2024 report from the American Cancer Society. Don’t assume it can’t be serious just because you’re young. Check out our slideshow. Learn more about your risk for colorectal cancer, no matter how old you are — and what you can do to prevent it.

HOW TO: Bedtime Dos & Don’ts

Everyone’s tired. Few of us are getting enough sleep to be healthy and feel our best. Even when we know what we should do to sleep better, it can be hard to turn off the lights (or our brains) and turn in. Many habits that you may not think twice about — like a late-night snack, or a nightcap, or scrolling on your phone in bed — can lower the quality of your sleep. Check out our comprehensive (if not exhaustive) slideshow on Bedtime Dos and Don’ts — and sleep better tonight.

INFOGRAPHIC: Common Causes of Belly Pain

Stomachache? It could be last night’s double cheeseburger — or something more serious. Check out our infographic for 18 of the most common causes. Knowing what’s hurting you is the first step toward knowing how to treat it — and feeling better.

GAME UPDATE: Beat the Clock!

We’ve made some improvements to our most popular game — with more to come in the near future. Now, you lose 5 seconds if you guess wrong. That might make it more challenging to beat the clock, but it also reinforces learning all these important health facts. Random clicking won’t get you anywhere — not anymore! Check it out! And stay tuned for many more improvements coming very soon.

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