igh blood pressure affects almost all of us as we age. But our habits and genetics can make it come at a younger age and cause more serious problems. African-Americans have a higher risk of high blood pressure, and suffer more of the complications.

Why you should care: 

Without treatment, high blood pressure can lead to:

➡️ Heart attack: Damaged arteries stop blood from reaching the heart.

➡️ Stroke: Blocked or burst blood vessels don’t bring blood and oxygen to the brain.

➡️ Heart failure: The heart can’t pump enough blood through the body.

➡️ Kidney disease: Damaged arteries around the kidneys make it hard for them to clean the blood.

➡️ Vision loss: Damaged blood vessels keep the eyes from working properly.

➡️ Sexual problems: Damaged blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction and low sex drive.

➡️ Peripheral artery disease (PAD): Narrowed arteries in the legs, arms, stomach, and head cause pain and fatigue.

In the US, high blood pressure contributes to almost 1,900 deaths every single day.

➡️ In fact, in the US alone ...

7 in 10 people who have their 1st HEART ATTACK ...

8 in 10 people who have their 1st STROKE ...

7 in 10 people with CHRONIC HEART FAILURE ...

... also have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, according to the CDC. ⬅️

High blood pressure: Know your numbers
High Blood Pressure: Know Your Numbers

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Originally posted 
Aug 22, 2023