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EdLogics and INTERVENT Team Up to Offer Revolutionary Scope of Wellness Products and Services

August 23, 2017
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EdLogics and INTERVENT Team Up to Offer Revolutionary Scope of Wellness Products and Services

SAVANNAH, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EdLogics, an innovator in game-based learning, and INTERVENT International ("INTERVENT"), a leader in the provision of scientifically-proven health assessments and interventions, are pleased to announce a unique strategic partnership that will drive positive health behavior change and reduce disease risk by providing comprehensive, engaging, evidence-based products and services.

Behavioral research has demonstrated that the most effective health promotion is a continuum of processes that begins with awareness, progresses through education and motivation, and ends with interventions.

Before committing to interventions, individuals typically move through several stages of readiness which involve thought processes that increase knowledge about risk factors and help motivate them to change. These thought processes are critical to driving an individual to begin changing behavior.

Together, EdLogics and INTERVENT cover the full continuum of health promotion through a seamlessly integrated product offering that engages users and achieves sustainable behavior change and positive clinical outcomes. The EdLogics Platform offers a unique approach to consumer health education by combining interactive games and multimedia learning programs with incentivized gamification to create a fun and engaging learning experience. The INTERVENT digital and telehealth coaching programs are evidence-based interventions that have been proven effective in numerous peer-reviewed clinical trials.

“The partnership between INTERVENT and EdLogics brings together a truly unique set of services which will enable us to impact the entire process of behavior change, resulting in higher utilization and engagement, improved health outcomes, and decreased healthcare costs. EdLogics’ innovative game-based learning, gamification strategies, and incentive programs, coupled with INTERVENT’s world-class health assessment and management programs will be a game-changer,” said Thomas M. Chamberlain, PharmD, CEO and founder of EdLogics.

“Rapidly escalating healthcare costs, together with the recent paradigm shift from volume to value-based health care, have focused increased attention on the urgent need for consumer-centered health and wellness solutions that truly work. We are extremely excited about entering into a strategic relationship with EdLogics to integrate our proven outreach techniques, health assessments, and risk reduction interventions with their cutting-edge, education-based engagement solutions to revolutionize the health and wellness industry on a global basis,” said Neil F. Gordon, MD, PhD, MPH, FACC, CEO and founder of INTERVENT.

About EdLogics: EdLogics is an education-based consumer engagement company that provides innovative digital health education and learning management solutions to employers, health plans, healthcare organizations, and government agencies. Through interactive, game-based learning, multimedia educational programs, and innovative gamification and incentive strategies, EdLogics delivers a personalized user experience that effectively educates consumers on common and costly health conditions and the challenges of navigating the healthcare system. The EdLogics Platform™ makes learning fun and engaging, measures learning comprehension, improves health literacy, and empowers consumers to take greater responsibility for managing their health. For more information, visit

About INTERVENT: Founded in 1997, INTERVENT International is a physician-led, global company that develops, licenses, and provides evidence-based programs for the prevention and management of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. The primary purpose of INTERVENT’s programs is to improve individual and population-based measures of health while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs and enhancing productivity. The programs provide unique solutions for employers, health insurers, healthcare systems, physicians, individual consumers, and others. INTERVENT’s programs have been successfully used to serve numerous clients on multiple continents and in a variety of languages via telephone call centers and the Internet. The prestigious American College of Cardiology selected INTERVENT as one of its CardioSmart partners because INTERVENT programs have been proven effective in numerous published studies, including randomized and independently-conducted clinical trials. More than two million individuals have participated in INTERVENT’s programs, including patients from over 100 medical centers in the United States and Canada as part of two recent multi-center clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health. For more information, visit or email


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