Health Literacy is an individual’s ability to understand and act on health information.

Health Literacy Demographic





Below Basic




77 million or 35%

of American adults have basic or below basic literacy skills

Why is this important? Mistakes happen.

cost goes


quality goes


Did you know individuals with low health literacy have an average annual healthcare cost of $13,000?

That is compared to the average of $3,000 for those with high health literacy.

According to the Institute of Medicine, poor health literacy is a stronger predictor of a person's health than age, income, employment status, education level, and race

EdLogics Solution: Responsive to devices

The cost of low health literacy is as high as $238 billion annually. These costs are due to failure to follow instructions, mistakes caused by misinterpretation of instructions, and treatment gaps due to poor compliance to care and medication regimens.

EdLogics addresses these needs and plans to turn the statistics around by engaging, educating and verifying learning through our interactive platform!

EdLogics' Capabilities

Learning Verification

Deliver personalized health information and verify user comprehension.

Incentivized Learning

Motivate users by rewarding them for educational achievements.

Research Capabilities

Generate valuable data by tracking users on the EdLogics platform.

Custom Reporting

Create comprehensive and custom reports through robust data analytics and custom queries.

Personalized Design

Seamless integration with any organization’s brand standards.

Secure Portal

Access the platform anywhere and anytime using the HIPAA secure user portal.

Mobile Optimized

Access the platform using computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices using any web browser.

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