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EdLogics provides advanced education solutions

for the healthcare industry.



Did you know…

  • patients forget 80% of what their doctor told them by the time they reach the parking lot
  • 50% of what they remember is remembered incorrectly
  • 90 million people in the US are at risk because they have difficulty understanding health information


Reports show that literacy is the strongest predictor of an individual’s health status and the cost of low health literacy to the U.S. economy is between $106 billion and $238 billion annually.


EdLogics offers a highly interactive, mobile optimized, individualized learning management platform complete with innovative educational approaches, gamification, learning verification and incentives designed to improve health literacy and the effectiveness of organizations’ health management programs. 



Improve health literacy, activate patients and change

behavior faster and easier with EdLogics

Learning Verification

Deliver personalized health information and verify that your users understand it.

Incentives & Rewards

Incentivize users to learn by rewarding them for educational achievement.

Custom Reporting

Administrators can generate comprehensive reports through robust data analytics and custom queries.

Secure Portal

Users can access the platform anytime, anywhere, using a secure user portal.

Personalized Design

Private-label and seamlessly integrate the EdLogics platform to reflect your company's branding.

Mobile Optimized

EdLogics responsive design allows users to access content from any device with a web browser.