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Former Optum Healthcare Executive Seth Serxner Joins EdLogics as Chief Health Officer

July 21, 2022
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Former Optum Healthcare Executive Seth Serxner Joins EdLogics as Chief Health Officer

Serxner helps lead EdLogics' digital health literacy strategy

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EdLogics, a digital communications and engagement company dedicated to improving health literacy and empowering individuals to make better healthcare decisions, has appointed Dr. Seth Serxner, PhD, MPH, as Chief Health Officer. Dr. Serxner brings an extensive background in health literacy, population health management, health equity, and well-being, along with a deep appreciation for EdLogics' unique position within the healthcare industry.

"Witnessing firsthand the power of the EdLogics Platform and the commitment of their leadership team to create industry leading engagement and behavior change solutions were key factors in my decision to join EdLogics," Dr. Serxner said. "Developing a platform that connects people to credible information, programs, and resources — whether through their workplace or within their community — is critical to deriving value," he added. "To be effective, programs like this must be engaging, personalized, and have demonstrated impact. I have always been a huge advocate for health literacy and frankly am surprised it has not been addressed in our industry in a more modern, advanced way that leverages technology and behavioral science. I look forward to working with the EdLogics team to accelerate adoption of their Health Literacy 2.0 Platform, expand its capabilities, and bring unique value to our clients as they take on the challenges of attracting and retaining employees, boosting workforce productivity, and reducing healthcare costs."

Before joining EdLogics, Dr. Serxner served as Chief Health Officer and SVP of Population Health for OptumHealth, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, the nation's largest health insurance provider. In this role, he worked with employers, payers, and providers to apply evidence-based practices to solve health-related problems within their populations. Prior to that, Dr. Serxner was a partner with Mercer and led the company's West Region Total Health Management practice and served as Vice President of Research for Staywell/Krames.

Dr. Serxner currently serves on the Advisory Council for the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), where he formerly served as their Chairman. He also served as Chair of the Research Advisory Group and is an executive board member for the C. Everett Koop Corporate Health Awards, presented by The Health Project.

"Dr. Serxner is a true visionary, and we're thrilled to have him join our leadership team," said EdLogics Founder and CEO Thomas M. Chamberlain, PharmD. "We look forward to leveraging his experience and expertise to help lead EdLogics' digital health strategy, support our business development efforts, and position our organization for success in a rapidly changing healthcare industry. With Seth's guidance, we are confident EdLogics will continue to create innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients and improve an individual's experience with the healthcare system," added Chamberlain.

Dr. Serxner received his bachelor's degree in psychology and biology from University of California, Santa Cruz, his Master's in Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles, and his PhD from UC Irvine with a focus on social ecology, health promotion, and disease prevention.

About EdLogics: EdLogics is a digital health communications and engagement company dedicated to transforming the way people learn about health. The EdLogics Platform is utilized by employers, health plans, academic institutions, and communities to improve health literacy, drive positive health behaviors, achieve better health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. EdLogics leverages innovative educational methods rooted in behavioral science including gamification, game-based learning, and unique incentive strategies to deliver a fun, engaging, and personalized learning experience across a broad range of health topics.