The  EdLogics  Platform


EdLogics allows employers, providers, and health plans to educate and engage their employees, patients, and members and empower them to take greater responsibility for managing their health.

Increased Engagement

EdLogics' engagement solution includes interactive multimedia, gamified learning, incentives, and rewards to keep users active, connected and engaged in their health. Users can access EdLogics from any device with a web browser, including their mobile phone.

More Knowledgeable People

EdLogics improves understanding of key health issues, enhances the patient-physician relationship, and encourages individuals to become more responsible healthcare consumers.

Cost-Effective Resource Utilization

EdLogics enables organizations to stratify patient populations and target resources based on health literacy assessment scores.

Adheres To Accreditation Standards

The EdLogics Solution™ helps organizations comply with Meaningful Use 2.0 criteria, the Healthcare Affordability Act and more.

Cloud-Based Software as a Service

The EdLogics Solution™ is hosted in the cloud, allowing us to deliver secure, scalable, dependable, and cost-effective software solutions. Our software as a service business model alleviates our customer’s burden by eliminating the need to install and run the application on their servers.

Integrated Solutions

The EdLogics Platform can easily integrate with existing health management programs, wellness initiatives, and incentive & reward programs.

Incentive & Rewards Programs

Reward users for educational achievement through seamless integration of our point broker systems with third party incentive and reward programs.

Customized Solution

The EdLogics Platform can be private-labeled and customized to support and strengthen existing wellness program offerings or serve as a vehicle to introduce new health management programs.

Research & Analytics

The EdLogics Platform provides real-time, on-demand data access, population health trends, and insights via extensive pre-built and customizable reports.

  • Custom reports can measure populations' engagement, progress, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Identify members and employees with low health literacy for targeted education and incentivizing
  • Use research findings to target specific knowledge gaps using the appropriate resources
  • Prevent future health claims with preventative health education
  • Assess consumer engagement, verify learning comprehension, and refine program components and marketing strategies.


EdLogics offers the full package! We like to avoid any disruption to your organization by providing customized marketing packages to promote engagement.

Our marketing offerings include:
  • Customized signage
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Activities to promote competition within organizations